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Want to be a brilliant beatboxer? There's one foreign language you have to learn

Technically Incorrect: In a YouTube video that's riveted many, a Singaporean beatboxer proves that one wonderful language will help you perfect your skills.

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Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

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Traditional Polish dancing. I used to love it.

LINUPHYSIO'S WORLD OF AMAZING VIDEOS/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

In these days of sharing economies and instant Internet stardom, you have to have a broad range of skills to survive.

Some believe they can entertain on YouTube and other fine Web channels.

Some, though, do it very badly.

I'm moved, therefore, by an enlightening YouTube video created by Singaporean beatboxer Dharni.

He's so proficient at his craft that he gives lessons via Skype -- yours at just $50 for 45 minutes.

His YouTube video, though, shows that there's one way you can get a head start: learn Polish.

Yes, the language of my forefathers is so beautifully rhythmic that, if you learn to be at ease with it, you'll beatbox beautifully.

Dharni picks some extraordinary Polish phrases to practice. For example: "Po co ci kapusta?"

This isn't a phrase you'll hear every day as you stagger around Warsaw or Kraków. It means: "Why do you need cabbage?"

But, in Dharni's mouth -- and soon, perhaps, yours -- it becomes a stunningly beatful affair.

Dharni also signals another Polish word: pieprz. This means "pepper."

Well, that's one of its meanings and I'm not going to send you down a dark road by revealing any of its others.

After all, the Polish government is currently showing a few repressive skirts, as it tries to bring the courts under its own control.

Dharni's video of encouragement to learn Polish has already been marveled at by more than 650,000 YouTubers.

It is truly one of the most advanced cultural inspirations of our time.