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If you think 'Batman v Superman' is too dark, here's 'Man of Steel' in colour

A new video recolours "Man of Steel" into "a Superman movie that looks like Superman!"

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Superman -- in colour this time. In this video, Superfans have reworked the grey and muted tones of Zack Snyder's " Man of Steel" into "a Superman movie that looks like Superman!"

"Turns out there was a beautiful Zack Snyder movie hiding underneath the bleak coloring," says YouTube channel VideoLab, producer of the video. "Would 'Man of Steel' have been more successful at the box office if it wasn't colored like 'Schindler's List'?"

Henry Cavill's Superman gets a super-makeover. VideoLab / Legendary Pictures / Warner Bros / DC

Snyder's 2013 movie, starring Henry Cavill as Clark Kent and his caped alter ego, was shrouded in a blue-grey palette that echoed the darker tones of Christopher Nolan's "Dark Knight" movies. But the grim'n'gritty shades that work for Batman don't fit the more colourful tone of Superman, and this is a lesson that Snyder might do well to heed in his new movie "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice". The film pits Cavill's man of steel against Ben Affleck's dark knight and has already been criticised for the shadowy aesthetic of its first trailer.

The folks at VideoLab insist they're fans of both Superman and the "Man of Steel" movie, and that they're simply "asking questions".

According to the video's description, the changes were made with Synthetic Aperture's Color Finesse. Colour exclusion adjustments did "most of the heavy lifting", and each shot was fine-tuned with "a cocktail of secondary corrections". They note the orange-tinted Metropolis sky and odd purple girders were in the original footage, which they suggest indicates that the distinctive darker colour palette was adopted in post-production.

VideoLab concedes the results are a touch over-saturated with some contrast artifacts, and that this is because of severe colour-grading decisions in the source footage. But, hey, it's just for fun.

Based on DC's leading heroes, "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" also features Aquaman and Wonder Woman, and is due in movie theatres in the US and UK on March 25, 2016. A release date for Australia has not yet been announced.

Update: Some viewers have taken issue with VideoLab's claim not to have doctored the original footage, which undermines the argument. Fans will no doubt remain divided on whether the difference is overstated or the general point still stands.