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If there's one Sochi video that deserves to go viral, it's this one

Watching the Russian Interior Ministry Police Choir sing Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" at the opening ceremony is an exalted experience. Sadly, NBC and music rights holders are steadily removing copies from YouTube.

Uncontrolled love. Except for the man bottom left.
NBC Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

The Russian Olympic charm offensive has, on occasion, tilted toward the offensive rather than the charm.

How beautiful, then, that one moment at the Sochi opening ceremony stands out for its sheer unbridled passion, joy, and camp(fire) togetherness.

In the warm-up to Friday's opening ceremony, the Russian Interior Ministry's Police Choir decided to offer its rendition of Daft Punk's "Get Lucky."

This version is a work of art. The helmeted creators of the original could never have imagined such a thing. It makes theirs seems like a mere ditty from the dungeons of desperate times.

Here, men who need no helmet to lock you inside for the duration of your days extend a hopeful hand, and wish that you're lucky enough to stay out of their reach.

Here are various generations of uniformed enforcers, some of whom are entirely devoted to the spirit of the message and others who look as if they're seated in a twin toilet while being questioned about their whereabouts last night.

The sheer exuberance of the three singers who are carrying (and perhaps miming) the words shows that once you cast your militaristic hat aside, it frees you from the tyranny of repression and conformism and propels you into an exalted world.

Sadly, though this video deserves to be shared by everyone in the world, NBC and various music rights holders seem reluctant for this to immediately happen.

You can view the performance on the NBC site, but it's not currently embeddable.

Several passionate aficionados of what is right in the world have posted it to YouTube. However, NBC, the IOC, and music rights holders have been steadily removing those clips. (I have embedded one below that at the time of this writing is still live.)

Oddly, this is not the first time the choir has performed the song. Indeed, there is a two-month old video, posted by RIA Novosti, that has lived on YouTube unmolested since December.

It would be lovely if the whole world could see and share this video till everyone enjoys it and its subtexts at least once.

There is nothing more poignant than to see a smiling member of the Russian enforcement services giddily jig while staring into the camera and mouthing: "I'm up all night to get some."