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If it LEDs, it shreds: Firefly guitar pick lights up in tempo

Turn the LED spotlight on your picking hand with the Firefly Pick, a tiny, portable guitar-pick light show that grooves along to your tunes.

Firefly pick
You can pick your picks.

Few things go better with a face-melting guitar shred solo than a synchronized light show. OK, maybe a synchronized light show with a smoke machine. If the Firefly Pick meets its Kickstarter goal, you won't need a crew of roadies and lighting designers to rock out with colorful flair.

The Firefly is an LED guitar pick with a sensor system that helps it flash in sync with your music, putting a light show quite literally at your fingertips. The battery-powered gadget can be recharged via Micro-USB.

The addition of the lighting technology, sensors, and algorithms means this isn't going to be a four-for-a-dollar pick. The pledge price is $49. This does give you several options. The Firefly Original responds to playing motions. The Firefly Duo flashes one color on the way up and another on the way down. The Firefly Insanity adds an element of randomness by choosing its own color for down-strokes.

The Firefly Air is a pick that may interest non-players as well. It responds to hand motion as well as playing action. It could help elevate the art of air guitar. None of the picks have switches. Instead, they have capacitive touch sensors that trigger them.

For people like me, who use relatively thin picks and have a bad habit of losing them all over the place, the Firefly would probably take some getting used to. Assuming the project takes off, it may well end up lending a whole new meaning to "LED Zeppelin."

Firefly pick being played
The Firefly in action. Capacitron