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If 'Doctor Who,' 'Breaking Bad' were Little Golden Books

This ain't your grandma's "Poky Little Puppy." Artists turn out imaginary versions of Little Golden Books starring time travelers, meth makers, and sci-fi heroes.

"Doctor Who" as Little Golden Book
The Doctor gets the Little Golden Book treatment.

Little Golden Books have been a staple of childhood since they were introduced in 1942, and part of the charm is how little they've changed. "The Little Red Hen" is still toting the same old shovel and planting her wheat. An exhibit at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, Calif., is taking a more updated approach to the classic children's literature series.

The "Little Golden Tales" show runs through February 9 and features a whole host of artists presenting their interpretations and tributes. Of special interest to the geek crowd are covers for "Doctor Who," "Breaking Bad," "Lord of the Rings," and "Star Wars" books, complete with the shiny gold book spine edge.

Artist Loren imagines a blond version of Matt Smith as Doctor Who floating about in space with his companion, the Tardis, and a set of friendly-looking Daleks nearby. Like the other entries in the exhibit, the retro illustration style is a perfect fit for the classic Golden Books.

"Star Wars" gets an interesting treatment with artist Sadie Figueroa's "A Day at the Spa in Dagobah" mixing the Golden Book look with pulp-fiction aesthetics. Let's just say C-3PO and R2-D2 have a lot of Leia's legs to look at.

The most amusing entry is probably Maxime Mary's "Breaking Bad" parody featuring Walter White lounging atop his RV in his undies. You can buy the piece for $500. She also created a page from the non-existent book showing Walter and Jesse Pinkman sharing a sweet moment together in the lab.

The only thing I would like to see is complete books for these concepts. Perhaps the Doctor can go back in time and help the hen out with her farming work. And save her from a Dalek invasion.

"Breaking Bad" Golden Book page
If Walter and Jesse starred in a children's book, it would look like this. Maxime Mary

(Via Super Punch)