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If 'Deadpool' is a Valentine's Day movie, so are these

Commentary: High on heart-shaped candy, we take a fresh look at some action classics, from "Mad Max: Fury Road" to "The Silence of the Lambs."

20th Century Fox

When you're looking for a nice, sweet date-movie for Valentine's Day this weekend, there's one obvious choice. Our full "Deadpool" review and who-is-Deadpool-anyway refresher should tell you all you need to know about that particular ode to love. But why stop there?

"Deadpool" wasn't the first rom-com to bring a gun to a pillow fight.

CNET colleague Luke Lancaster and I slammed some shots of the Valentine's spirit and reviewed eight other romantic classics, from the "Star Trek" reboot to "Men in Black II."

Sure, we were expecting more kiss kiss in this bang bang, but a lot of it is comfortingly familiar...your basic cannibal-meets-girl, cannibal-escapes-prison story never gets old. Charlize Theron is perfect as the manic pixie dream girl in "Fury Road." Even a slow, psychological romance like "The Martian" is nice once in a while, though we didn't really buy the twist ending.

Sit back, see if you agree with our choices -- cinematic or life -- and then rec us some more films in the comments.