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If by "cheaper" you mean "more expensive".

Todd Sullivan, wrong again.

The Macalope has been putting this off for days but, as he's often said, this is the beat he chose and there's no use crying about it now.

After last week's announcement that the iPhone 3G would sell for $199 in the U.S., the pointy one realized there'd be one silly pundit who would be crowing over this as some kind of victory for his steel trap of a mind. Apple had dropped the price, as was long foretold in his dire prophecies!

Well, you can see why the brown and furry one put off surfing over to Todd Sullivan's place. He cleaned his woodland home. He finally got around to finishing those thank-you cards he's been meaning to get out. He buffed his hooves. Twice. He read some National Geographic magazines that had been piling up since 1972.

But it had been over a week and, well, there just isn't anything left to do here. So, the Macalope finally bit the bullet.

Turns out he was wrong! Todd didn't jump on the Internets right after Jobs' keynote and throw out his rotator cuff giving himself a hearty pat on the back for a job well done!

He did it on Monday morning before the keynote. Then he threw out the other rotator cuff patting himself on the other shoulder just after the keynote and jacktastically put quotes around "suckers" as if it were something that Jobs actually called people who bought the original iPhone. Quotation marks, Todd. They mean something. You might want to brush up on their proper ironic usage.

Sadly, Todd's brilliant analysis would hold a little more weight were the iPhone 3G not actually more expensive than the original iPhone. Of course, it provides more functionality so there's no reason why it shouldn't be a little more expensive. As John Gruber has noted, if you don't already own an iPhone, it's a compelling buy. If you do already own one, it may or may not be, depending on how much you use the AT&T network and think you'll use GPS.

Well, the Macalope's sure it's just a mistake and Todd will be issuing a correction post haste.

Or not. Whatever.