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If Batman had an iPhone he'd want this

This bat-themed iPhone stand fits in your wallet and keeps your phone from flying off your desk.

Josh Lowensohn/CNET Networks

Bruce Wayne has more than enough money to throw down on an official Apple iPhone dock, but citizens like us might be looking for a cheaper solution. London-based designer Courenay Inchbald of Seskimo has come up with one that not only costs less than a gallon of gas ($4), but also manages to fit in your wallet too. Called the "BatRest," it's a piece of cut plastic that folds up like a picture frame to cradle your shiny new toy phone.

Owners of the previous-generation iPhone can pick up the far more masculine-sounding BullRest, which has slightly different shaped prongs on the end that keep the rounder, less-tapered phone from flying off of airline seatback tables and desks.