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Icon's Rogue 2 flashlight can also protect you

Icon releases a new flashlight that's bright, durable, waterproof, and can be used for self-defense.

The Rogue 2 flashlight from Icon.
Dong Ngo/CNET

I'm a big fan of flashlights. This is not a secret as I've written about a lot of them--from one that hugs you, to one that can stick to anything, to one that doesn't contribute to the greenhouse effect.

Earlier this week, however, I ran into a torch that instantly became my most favorite: the Rogue 2 from Icon.

Unlike other flashlights I've written about that come in unusual shapes, the Rogue sports the same tube shape as most traditional flashlights. But that's the only thing traditional about it.

First of all, according to Icon, the Rogue 2 is equipped with a microprocessor-controlled LED that produces an intense yet smooth beam. I don't know about smooth, but when I tried it out it was indeed intense, possibly the brightest I've seen among flashlights that use two AA batteries.

Fortunately, the Rogue 2 comes in two modes, one that shines at 100 lumens and the second at only 10 lumens, low enough not to hurt the eyes. You can toggle between these two modes and the off state with the tail-cap switch. It's too bad, however, that it doesn't have a third mode that shines at 50 lumens, which is as bright as most AA battery-based flashlights.

The second impressive thing about the Rogue 2 is its body, which is made out of super durable aerospace-grade aluminum with an open architecture design. The new design creates openings along the flashlight's body to offer a better grip, even when your hand is wet or oily. According to Icon, this also makes the torch virtually indestructible. You can drop it or even strike it into the wall or let it get run over by a truck and it will supposedly still work.

Finally, the Rouge 2 is waterproof. The opening of its battery bay is sealed by a rubber O-shaped ring that keeps the water from getting inside. It seems like a great lighting device for going snorkeling at night.

Other than that, according to Icon, the Rouge 2 has up to 72 hours of run time and can be use for many situations, including ones that don't really require lighting such as self-defense (hence the Rogue name). As a matter of fact, when coupled with the included lanyard, the flashlight can be used to do certain things that you can do with a pair of nunchucks. Or you can also temporarily blind the bad guy with its superbright beam.

Personally, I just love the fact as it looks really cool and is so bright.

The Rogue 2 is available now in green, black, and titanium gray and cost $48 apiece. If you want something smaller, you can also get the $38 Rogue 1, which is similar to the Rogue 2 in many ways except that it's shorter and uses only one AA battery.