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ICFF Field Report: Testing out the trippy Transport sleeping pod

A previous feature on Crave, the Transport pod is supremely awesome.

A few months back, the Transport pod created by Alberto Frias gained some serious blog buzz, and with good reason--what self-respecting tech blogger wouldn't want to write about a space-age sleeping pod equipped with speakers and color-changing LEDs that pulse along with the music?

Caroline McCarthy/CNET Networks

Consequently, while wandering around at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in NYC on Sunday, I spotted one of the cocoon-like Transport pods on display and more or less squealed. Frias himself was there to show it off, and the first question I asked was, "Can I go inside?" I wasn't expecting Frias to say yes, but he did, so I promptly kicked off my sneakers and dove in.

The view from inside. That's my right leg, for the record. Caroline McCarthy/CNET Networks

Well, here's what it's like. First of all, it's super comfortable. I mean, really sink-in-and-immediately-fall-asleep comfortable. The LEDs aren't too bright, and cycle through a sequence of soft colors that are indeed very soothing. Frias recommended that I stare at the ceiling because the colors would dilate my eyes and start to create a sort of 3D illusion--tough to explain, but it did actually happen. Very trippy indeed.

The only negatives: it's a little bit tough to climb in and out, and additionally, there does appear to be strong potential for whacking one's head on the ceiling. Nevertheless, I'm totally enamored by it. Prices start at around $10,000. Who wants to buy me one?

P.S.: I'll be posting a few more ICFF recaps over the course of the day. Want more? NOTCOT blogger Jean Aw has been snapping lots of photos too.