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iCEO: Cuddle with a Steve Jobs plush

Steve Jobs-styled toys haven't had much luck making it through production, but Throwboy is giving it a try with iCEO, an unmistakeably Steve Jobs-ish plush doll.

iCEO doll
The iCEO looks mighty familiar.

You might remember the recent saga of the Steve Jobs action figure. It was announced. Detailed pictures surfaced. Apple wasn't pleased. The action figure was canceled.

iCEO shoes close-up
Even the shoes are pretty accurate. (Click to enlarge.) Throwboy

There's a new Steve Jobs toy on the block, and this one might stand a better chance of making it into your hands.

The iCEO comes courtesy of Throwboy, a pillow company known for tech-related products like Facebook-themed pillows and text messaging pillows with "OMG" and "wtf" on them.

The iCEO is unmistakeably Steve Jobs, even though his name doesn't appear anywhere on the product page. The plush features gray hair, a black turtleneck, blue jeans, and stubble.

The 15-inch doll has removable glasses and is limited to an edition of 1,200. There is a choking hazard warning, so you won't want to give it to your under-3-year-old little Apple fanboy or fangirl.

This isn't the first Steve Jobs plush to ever hit the market, but it's definitely more cuddly than its skinnier predecessor from Podbrix.

Ten percent of the proceeds from the $60 doll will go to the American Cancer Society. That won't make Throwboy immune from pressure from Apple, but we'll just have to wait and see if this Jobs tribute actually makes it through production and to its August shipping date without a legal challenge.

(Via Mashable)