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Iceland shows how to behave while naked in hot tub

Technically Incorrect: Not every country has an online academy to help visitors assimilate. Iceland does. This is especially useful if you intend to be nude.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Watch and learn.

Inspired by Iceland; YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

If you live in a place where tourists flock, you can sometimes be appalled by their behavior.

It's not as if they bring their strange customs unthinkingly to your parts. It's that sometimes they believe their customs are simply better than yours.

We Americans, for example, think everyone should talk as loudly as possible.

This can be hard on the locals, especially if they're encountering you with no clothes on.

In Iceland, they like their hot tubs. They may not always appreciate, however, what tourists do in those tubs.

So the country's tourism authority has launched a video to help visitors behave while naked.

"We take hygiene very seriously," says a strange man in a beanie hat and a bow tie.

Then he offers a little rhyme.

I feel sure you will remember this rhyme for a while. You'll be humming it in meetings while your co-workers wonder whether you've lost your faculties. This is because the rhyme includes the phrase "crotch and toes."

This video is part of an online educative exercise called Iceland Academy.

It asks visitors to participate and learn.

There are four classes, covering everything from staying safe while on a glacier to learning how to respect nature. Every time you complete one, you get a badge. Oh, they're Internet-savvy, those Icelanders.

If you get all the badges, you might even win a trip to Iceland "to test out your new skills for real," as a presenter says in one video.

You can imagine that Icelanders become disturbed if dirty foreigners plunge into their hot tubs and pollute the water with their lice. This is a country with certain principles. Why, it's one of the very few that actually threw fraudulent bankers into jail.

Perhaps every nation should have its own online academy to educate unaware visitors. It seems more enlightened than building a wall.

Figuratively speaking, you understand.