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Ice-cream bars as a hangover cure? Thank you, South Korea

Ice, ice baby: Forget the hair of the dog, this sweet treat is a much better day-after drinking solution.

The Gyeondyo-bar (red and white wrapper) is supposed to help treat hangovers.
Reuters video screenshot by Gael Fashingbauer Cooper/CNET

There are some weird hangover cures out there. Pickle juice, marinated herring, egg yolks, pickled sheep eyeballs. Frankly, in most cases, we'd rather keep the hangover. But for drinkers in South Korea, there's now a hangover cure that we all scream for: ice-cream bars.

Not just any ice-cream bar, though if you're a fan of Fudgsicles or Bomb Pops or those Minion-shaped ones with the gumball eyes, sure, see how those work and report back. This is the Gyeondyo-bar, created by the Korean convenience store chain Withme FS. It's aimed specifically at beating that why-did-I-drink-so-much regret out of you with each sweet, creamy lick. (Gyeondyo means "hang in there," which is kind of an awesome pat on the back as you stagger to the freezer for your second or third bar.)

The bars are grapefruit-flavored, Reuters reports, but the magic ingredient is that they contain 0.7 percent of oriental raisin-tree fruit juice, a traditional 17th-century hangover remedy. Hangover remedies are big business in Korea -- there's even a gel cream that is supposed to keep skin soft after a long night of boozing -- but this is the first one we wish they'd try importing to other countries. Come on, they'd sell like crazy. Regretful drunks and late-night convenience store snacks go together like "Seven" and "Eleven."