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Ian McKellen helps with 'Star Trek' fan marriage proposal

When Sir Patrick Stewart couldn't be found to help director Brett Lotriet Best pop the question to his boyfriend, a fan of Captain Picard, Stewart's pal Sir Ian McKellen stepped in.

Gandalf sure has a way with words. Screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

Proposing marriage to someone you love is meant to be a special, unforgettable moment. And when you're a geek that can involve everything from an RC helicopter airlifting an engagement ring in to adding a proposal to a video game to using Google Glass to declare undying love. Or perhaps using Reddit memes is more your style?

But when your beloved is a "Star Trek" fan, how do you make a proposal that will impress someone with stars already in their eyes? That was the task groom-to-be Brett Lotriet Best set out to accomplish when he wanted to propose to his Trekkie boyfriend, Khalid Shawwa.

But before he could pop the question, he searched the galaxy for Captain Picard, aka actor Sir Patrick Stewart, to no avail. So he asked Stewart's best friend, actor Sir Ian McKellen, for help.

In this adorkable video, Best holds up signs explaining the background of the proposal, followed by the surprise guest at the end, McKellen, who confirms that Stewart is already married. McKellen should know, he was the minister at the wedding.

"Khalid, I've got bad news for you," McKellen says in the video, explaining that Stewart is not on the market. However, there's another candidate closer to home. So, he urges, "Think it over and do the right thing." Here's the video.