You can buy your own jetpack starting spring 2017

Jetpacks in the sky. You have to be "well qualified" to buy. Take a look, you'll be shook, a jetpack rainbow.

Lynn La Senior Editor / Reviews - Phones
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Lynn La

JetPack Aviation, the same group of people who flew around the Statue of Liberty last year, will begin selling jetpacks in April or May of next year, according to New Atlas.

The model, JB-10, is equipped with two engines and reportedly offers 7 percent more power than its previous JB-9 predecessor. The JB-9 can take you up to 1,000 feet (or 305m) for about 10 minutes before being refueled.

Though no specific price was reported, JetPack Aviation hopes to sell an electric version of the JB-10 to "well qualified buyers" for about $250,000 (which converts to about £198,380 and AU$331,200) according to the Daily Mail.

JetPack Aviation isn't the only company selling jetpacks, however. New Zealand company Martin Aircraft hopes to sell its model for $200,000 (or £158,700, AU$265,100) by 2017 as well.

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