'I invented the future!' Michael Fassbender in first trailer for Steve Jobs biopic

"Steve Jobs" sees Michael Fassbender take to the stage as the Apple co-founder.

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This is the first trailer for "Steve Jobs", starring Michael Fassbender as the co-founder of Apple.

"You can't write code. You are not an engineer. What do you do?" asks Seth Rogen as Jobs' fellow founder Steve Wozniak, who provided the technology know-how when the pair started the company in Wozniak's garage in 1976. "The musicians play the instruments," replies Fassbender's Jobs. "I play the orchestra."

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Donning the Apple founder's trademark black turtleneck and round glasses, Fassbender barks lines like "I sat in a garage and invented the future!"

The movie also stars Jeff Daniels as Apple CEO John Sculley and Kate Winslet as Apple's marketing boss Joanna Hoffman.

After original director David Fincher and original star Christian Bale bowed out, "Steve Jobs" was taken on by Danny Boyle, who directed "Slumdog Millionaire" and "28 Days Later." Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin wrote the script, adapted from Walter Isaacson's 2011 biography. Sorkin chose to focus on a small number of key events in Jobs' life, using three key product launches in Apple's history. Much of the trailer takes place with Jobs basking in applause on stage, while other characters look troubled as they watch from the shadows.

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By focusing on key moments, the film takes a different approach to the more conventional biopic "Jobs", released in 2013. Joshua Michael Stern's movie saw Ashton Kutcher play the Apple boss throughout his career, from the garage to his ousting from the company and his eventual return in 1997.

"Steve Jobs" is set to hit US theatres on 9 October, the same week as the anniversary of Jobs' death in 2011. It opens in the UK on 13 November.