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I, robot, take this other robot to be my wedded wife

Here comes the robot bride, all dressed in white. The first ever robot wedding takes place in Japan between humanoid robot Yukirin and slightly-less-humanoid bot Frois.

Who knew robots had a romantic side? Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

If all humans can now get married -- at least in the United States -- why not robots? I should know about robot weddings. Five years ago, while I was working as StarWars.com's editor, I married R2-D2 at a "Star Wars" convention following a crazy, whirlwind romance.

It's not easy being married to an astromech when you're human, especially when he's always off in a galaxy far, far away with one of those Skywalker guys causing trouble. But we make it work. We have an open-source marriage, so R2-D2 can see other droids, and I can see other humans.

This, however, is the first time we've seen two robots get hitched. At the unusual ceremony, 100 people attended what's believed to be the world's first robot wedding in Tokyo last week.

The robot groom, Frois, was made by sibling duo Maywa Denki. His humanoid robot bride Yukirin -- who happens to be modeled after pop star Yuki Kashiwagi -- was created by university student Takayuki Todo.

Escorted to the stage by their handlers, the romantic robots stood in silence staring at the audience while the humans recited the bots' vows for them. Even their first kiss as a wedded robot couple needed some help from the humans.

The robot couple cut their wedding cake and offered a bountiful buffet dinner to the human guests. At least we now know that robots want to make sure humans are well-fed at their official events.

After the ceremony, the reception looks just as entertaining. The wedding singer entertained the crowd, complete with robot backup dancers. Considering the humans paid $81 each to attend, it's a good thing the robot couple knows how to throw one heck of a party.

(Via RT.com)