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I guess Acer's serious about this after all

Full-page ads for the new Gemstone Blue laptops in the NY Times.

Who says print is dead?

Earlier this week, we dropped by an Acer news conference in New York where the company made a pitch for getting into the U.S. market in a big way. We've heard big talk from Acer before, and they're a huge player globally (made even bigger by merging with Gateway), but not the first name you think of when shopping for a laptop domestically.

So while were we all fairly impressed with Acer's plans to introduce new form factors with its upcoming 16-inch Acer Aspire 6920 and the 18.4-inch Acer Aspire 8920, we didn't expect much of a mainstream consumer push. After all--if U.S. buyers know Acer for anything, it's probably the company's overpriced Ferrari-branded laptops.

So imagine our surprise to pick up the New York Times the next day, and see a full-page advertisement for the new Gemstone Blue laptops, right in the middle of the "A" section and specifically touting the new CineDash media console (basically some touch-sensitive media buttons arranged somewhat like a traditional remote control). Even better, Friday's New York Times also had a full-page Acer ad (different image and copy, but for the same laptops).

That seems like a pretty hefty investment (although with Acer touting the "Blue" branding so heavily, they might have sprung for a color ad), so expect top hear more about these two laptops as we get closer to the April release date.