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I can't get good Internet in China, but check out these power outlets!

Commentary: Wi-Fi may not be a strength of my Shenzhen hotel, but the power outlets are a revelation.


I'm traveling through Asia to meet with companies, but I'm also keeping an eye on the tech I see around me. While my particular hotel isn't so gifted at "Internet that actually works," when it comes to power, it does trump every other hotel I've ever stayed at with one solution so simple it's obvious.

It's about the plugs.

The power outlets at the Grand Skylight Hotel are well-placed, but more importantly, they're global. As in, every plug in my hotel room accepts any adaptor. I have a stash of international adaptors, so this isn't a need-to-have, but it's an excellent, worry-free solution. And now that I've seen it, I have to wonder why every hotel with a high rate of international travelers doesn't already have these in place.

Sure, outlets like this could cost a little, but what's a little extra cost when it comes to the loyalty of grateful clientele who can plug in anything they want without a second thought. I'm sold. Now to make the rest of the world catch on...