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Hyperloop gets 3D-printed (to scale) in just 24 hours

Elon Musk isn't sure he has the time to build his game-changing method of public transit, but a Utah company wasted no time printing it.

Hopefully this isn't the only Hyperloop that actually gets built.

We've seen Elon Musk's vision for a supersonic Hyperloop shooting passengers across California in less an hour, but it's uncertain if it will ever become a reality, as Musk has said he has no plans to build the full system.

So what do you do when Tony Stark is just too darn busy to save the world (or at least revolutionize public transit)? Well, you can organize on Reddit, or you can fire up some 3D printers to create a nifty scale model.

A Utah startup called WhiteClouds, which is "focused on designing and building 3D printable objects and creating the multimedia surrounding 3D printing," claims to have built a scale model of the Hyperloop in under 24 hours. The company designed 3D models of the Hyperloop's components and then printed them using three different 3D printers, according to its Web site.

The Connex 500 printed the pillars using Polyjet technology. The tubes are made of a clear UV-cured resin and printed with the ProJet 3500 HDMax. The ZPrinter 650 printed the station platform and the pods. They are full-color and made of the sandstone-like material. The team then assembled the parts to create the scale model of the Hyperloop.

You can watch the process of creating a real-life (tiny) Hyperloop in the video below. Here's hoping it's not the biggest one that ever gets built.