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Hyperic gains momentum in Europe (Join the party)

Hyperic is going big into Europe.

Hyperic has announced a series of customer wins and community traction in Europe. It's good news for Hyperic, an open source systems management company, but not at all surprising for those of us whose companies started on that side of the Pond. Europe has long been an open-source proponent.

It's perhaps a sign of things to come. In most software companies Europe takes a minority share of a vendor's sales. But open source is shaking this up. I keep getting calls from friends at other open-source companies who are just starting to dip their toes into Europe, only to find out that the water is worth diving into right from the start.

Hyperic has "deployments in more than 80 countries, and 37% of community activity coming directly from Europe." Watch it grow, Hyperic team. Why? Because European governments are driving IT spending toward open source (much more so than here in the US). Open source is Europe's opportunity to exert significant influence over IT again.