Watch a hydraulic press crush a $40,000 gold bar

Nothing gold can stay. This pricey gold bar meets a death straight out of a James Bond torture scene.

The internet's fascination with watching items meet their deaths in hydraulic presses never seems to get old. From the cheap (silly string) to the pricey (a diamond) to the meta (another hydraulic press inside of another hydraulic press), there's no end to objects waiting to get the squish treatment.

The folks at the United Kingdom-based YouTube channel Crushit upped the ante on Saturday when they decided to crush a 1-kilogram (32 troy ounce), 24-carat pure gold bar, supplied by Baird & Co, a London bullion merchant.

The bar's value was given as $40,000 (£32,000, AU$54,000). Those anguished wails you hear are the ghosts of thousands of long-gone California gold miners, howling in horror at how their sought-after treasure is being treated. Or maybe it's just those of us regular humans thinking of all the good we could do with such a valuable commodity.

"This will be by far the most expensive crush we have ever done here on Crushit, and I think even in YouTube history" the host says. He may be right. When the Hydraulic Press Channel crushed a 1.2-carat diamond, the host there estimated its value at $4,000, so the gold bar is worth 10 times that crush's value.

Watch it for yourself for the full experience, but the gold bar doesn't shatter like the diamond. The press' strength makes the bar spread out and smoosh like taffy -- shiny, mortgage-paying, I-could-afford-a-round-the-world-trip-with-this taffy.