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See the horror of Stretch Armstrong in a hydraulic press

Witness the stomach-turning destruction of iconic toy Stretch Armstrong beneath the unrelenting weight of a hydraulic press.

Stretch Armstrong is one of the most durable toys ever created. He's a gel-filled bodybuilder wearing nothing but undies. You can grab his limbs, stretch them, pull them and tie them together and he just bounces back into shape. But could this muscle-bound marvel withstand the power of a hydraulic press?

We now have the answer and it's absolutely disgusting.

The Hydraulic Press Channel posted a video to YouTube on Monday showing the iconic toy going under the press. Warning: This is not for the squeamish. The result is brutal. "I think he is not OK," press operator Lauri Vuohensilta declares. "It looks quite painful."

Seeing Armstrong's innards is really quite fascinating once you get over the gross spectacle of the crushing action. The gel material looks a lot like taffy.

Stretch Armstrong isn't the first toy to meet his doom at the hands of a press. The Hydraulic Press Channel previously took on the task of squishing Lego figures and a selection of toy cars. Spoilers: Nothing survives.