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Husband buys electronic billboard to get his wife a job

An Ohio man is so moved by his wife's fruitless job quest that he buys a huge electronic billboard and posts her brief resume for all to see.

Fox Toledo Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

The struggle to get a job can warp the mind.

It can make you disappear into a cold, hard shell, so much so that those closest to you don't quite recognize your outer shell at all.

Yet Brandon Stuard, as he watched his wife struggle to find employment, decided he couldn't just gaze upon her pain: he had to get everyone else in Toledo, Ohio to gaze upon it too.

So, without his wife Holly's knowledge, he bought a rather brightly illuminated double billboard for $700 and allowed her mini-resume to shine.

It displayed a large picture of her. The copy was blissfully direct. "PLEASE HIRE MY WIFE," read the headline.

Stuard, a deputy sheriff, clearly understands the perils of marketing, as immediately beneath this was a large and memorable e-mail address: Hiremywife@Yahoo.com.

The billboard also mentioned that she had business and academic experience, as well as an MBA.

Holly Stuard had been laid off a year ago from her job as program manager for the MBA program due to budget cuts at the University of Toledo.

"I felt a sense of, she was getting a little frustrated, but not losing hope," Brandon Stuard told Fox Toledo. "But I wanted to do something, maybe help lift her spirits if nothing else."

When someone is desperate to get a job, spirit-lifting can be as precarious as Toledo steel sword-swallowing.

So this rather public display might not have warmed his wife's inner core. Indeed, she told ABC News she was "shocked."

But how did she even see it? Did friends see it and call her? Did she happen to drive by and say: "Oh, look. I'm up lights."

Not quite.

She told ABC News: "He made plans that we'd go out to dinner at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants on the other side of town so that we'd pass the billboard on our way. Our older son saw it before I did and said, 'Momma that picture looks like you'."

Yes, Mom. Like you, but bigger and brighter.

The electronic dual billboard has, sadly, not delivered any job offers in the 4 days that it's been illuminating the Toledo skyline.

Some might, perhaps, find Brandon Stuard's attempts at showing love and support gauche or even misguided. However, when it comes to keeping your lover happy, some people just get carried away with their enthusiasm and passion.

Who knows what Stuard might do next? Project her name on the front of the Bellagio in Vegas, perhaps.