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Hunt ghosts with Snooperscope smartphone night vision lens

This magnetic device lets you act like a creepy spy, observe nocturnal wildlife, or see Kinect infrared dots.

Snooperscope can snap on to your device with its magnets. It has a night vision range of about 33 feet.

Maybe you want to check out whatever it was that just went bump in the night. Or maybe you just want to see things in the dark. Here's a handy scope that goes nearly anywhere.

Snooperscope is a wireless night vision device that uses your smartphone or other mobile device as a display.

Part of a Kickstarter campaign, it can attach to your iPhone, Android phone, or tablet, as well as anything from a tripod to a helmet, bike, or wall.

The device lets users see in total darkness, according to the London-based campaign, which is seeking to raise 40,000 pounds (about $65,000).

It can also see through opaque materials that infrared rays can pass through, such as liquids or textiles. If you turn off the lights when your Kinect is on, it will pick up the infrared tracking dots. You can also use it for caving, home security, or freaking out party guests.

Snooperscope shines infrared radiation on objects in the dark, and then converts the reflections into a visible image.

It has a fairly limited night vision range of about 33 feet, and can be actively used for up to four hours on a battery charge, which takes two to three hours.

Weighing 2.8 ounces, the device has a tripod mount, magnet mount, and runs on a Wi-Fi peer-to-peer connection.

Designed to be the "world's smallest, lightest and smartest night vision device using a smartphone," Snooperscope and may have a retail price around $99. It's available to Kickstarter backers for 43 pounds (about $70).

Check out different uses of Snooperscope in the vid below.