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Humor video highlights Bing's challenge

CollegeHumor.com mocks Bing's ad campaign, suggesting the revamped search engine lets you google things with Bing. It also pinpoints Microsoft's uphill battle in search.

There's a funny video making the rounds that mocks Microsoft's huge Bing ad campaign.

In the video, embedded below, CollegeHumor.com suggests that folks start "googling with Bing."

It's a funny parody of the Bing ads, but it also shows how big Microsoft's challenge is in search.

Bing, it says, lets you Google photos, Google maps, and more. After months of development and testing, Microsoft's revamped search engine made its public debut about one month ago.

On the one hand, typing in Bing.com is just as easy as typing in Google.com (it's actually two characters shorter). In that sense, the bar for changing search engines is low.

At the same time, Google has become synonymous with search. I have been making a concerted effort to try Bing for some of my searches and even made it the default in my search bar in Firefox. I still find myself performing more than half my searches in Google--just because I type Google.com by habit.

On the plus side, Bing has made modest gains in its first couple of weeks. But the real question is whether people will keep googling with Bing. (and of course, maybe some day just Bing with Bing.)