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Code your own games with new Humble Bundle

Name your price for books that give tips on how to design, write and make your own video games and apps while helping to raise funds for charity.

"The Game Maker's Apprentice: Game Development for Beginners" is one of many books in the latest Humble Bundle offering.
Humble Bundle

Have the perfect idea for a fun video game but don't know where to start creating it? Or maybe you've always wanted to build your own app but aren't sure how to code?

A new Humble Book Bundle from Apress will teach you how to write your own software from the ground up.

Humble Bundles let you name your price for games and publications, with some proceeds typically going to support charity. In this case, they'll go to organizations including the National Video Game Museum, Girls Who Code and Maker Ed.

If you pay $1 (about 80 pence, AU$1.36) or more, you'll get "Swift Game Programming for Absolute Beginners"; "Android Studio Game Development: Concepts and Design"; "Irresistible Apps: Motivational Design Patterns for Apps, Games, and Web-based Communities"; and more.

For $8 (about £6 or AU$11) or more, you'll get that plus "Beginning RPG Maker MV"; "Make a 2D Arcade Game in a Weekend: With Unity"; "Beginning Swift Games Development for iOS"; and more.

$15 (about £12 or AU$19) or more will get you the previously mentioned selections as well as "The Game Maker's Apprentice: Game Development for Beginners"; ""Polished Game Development: From First Steps to Final Release"; and others.

All these books would usually cost up to $474 (about £380 or AU$643). The books are available in multiple digital formats.

Plus, you get to decide where the money goes. This Humble Book Bundle ends on December 28.