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Humans run in life-size Pac-Man maze for beer ad

Watch out for Blinky, Inky, Pinky and Clyde chasing beer lovers in the upcoming Bud Light Super Bowl ad "Coin."

When chased by large neon ghosts, always run towards the fruit! Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

Ever wish you could earn points for eating fruit while being chased in a neon labyrinth by angry ghosts? If you live in Los Angeles and know the right Budweiser marketing executives you might end up doing just that in this life-size Pac-Man maze.

The Pac-Man game maze is being used as part of the "Up for Whatever" ad campaign by the beer company.

However, it would also make quite an elaborate user experience for customers who wish to live life like a retro video game character.

According to, the Bud Light Super Bowl 2015 ad entitled "Coin" will tell "the story of a Bud Light drinker that gets pulled into a life-size Pac-Man game after a night out."

Several glimpses of the life-size Pac-Man maze have already surfaced on Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. But the official Bud Light Twitter account remains rather cagey about the details, especially when it tweeted a short video of a wall which looks like the outside of the maze on January 8 with the words, "We can neither confirm nor deny the #UpForWhatever rumors coming out of downtown LA."

Either way, we may have to just wait and see the advert during the 2015 Super Bowl on February 1.

Check out a small teaser of the Pac-Man commercial for Bud Light.