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HumanCar creates a real muscle car

Brainchild of a U.S. engineer, the Imagine PS is operated by up to four hand cranks. The driver and passengers pull and push levers in order to go.

The HumanCar Imagine PS seats four. HumanCar

Forget cars powered by human feces, the future of motoring runs on human muscles. Don't fret--we're not talking about blending people to a pulp and pouring their liquefied remains into a gas tank--this is the HumanCar Imagine PS.

The brainchild of U.S. engineer Charles Greenwood, the car is operated by up to four hand cranks. The idea is that driver and passengers pull and push levers--reminiscent of an exercise rowing machine or the railway handcar contraptions you see in cartoons--to produce energy that turns the wheels. Early reports that holes in the floor let you push with your feet proved wide of the mark.

The vehicle can be powered by just one or two people, though this could be pretty tiring after awhile. Luckily, it can be turned into a hybrid by connecting auxiliary power systems such as a battery (or fuel cells when available) making it ideal for those who are lazy but want to travel long distances.

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