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Huge drone turns guy into flying machine -- and epic snowboarder

YouTube star Casey Neistat manages to do something we've all wanted to try with a drone: let it haul him around on a wild winter ride.

Casey Neistat may have pioneered a new sport in his latest viral video.

The filmmaker and YouTube mainstay took a snowboard, plenty of cameras and a custom-built drone powerful enough to lift a human to a Scandanavian ski area to transform himself into a "human flying drone."

With help from Samsung and fellow YouTube star Jesse Wellens of the channel PrankvsPrank, Neistat takes flight over a small Finnish ski village and also gets pulled around the winter wonderland and even up the ski hill like a waterskier.

While it may look like Neistat is holding on, action-movie style, by only one hand as the mega-drone lifts him into the sky, he's actually connected to "Janet," the huge octocopter, via a snug body harness. Check out the behind-the-scenes video for more on how they pulled it off.

The whole thing is very reminiscent of another, more improvised Neistat video that featured him snowboarding through New York City streets following a big storm.

The drone also carried a Samsung 360-degree camera and a 360 version of the video is set to be uploaded soon.