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Hulu's 'Puppies Crash Christmas' video is the best holiday gift

Forget the Yule Log, this video of pooches wrecking a fully decorated holiday room will bring your whole family together.

It was when the two naughty puppies knocked over the punch bowl filled with milk that I realized Hulu's "Puppies Crash Christmas" is the best holiday gift ever.

If you subscribe to Hulu, zip on over there and watch it right away. The half-hour video begins with a batch of puppies (the husky is my favorite) squirming their way out of Santa's toy sack and then proceeding to wreak the cutest lil' havoc possible, all with a holiday flair.

They adorably rip open presents. They sweetly attack a statue of Santa (sorry, big guy). They gobble down special decorated cookies left out for Saint Nick. They devour a carefully made brick gingerbread house. They upend that milk-filled (I think?) punch bowl. And best of all, they chase, chew on and play tug-o-war with each other, destroying a perfectly decorated room peppered with references to Hulu shows. You'll spot a "Rick and Morty" reference if you look carefully at a pickle jar on display, and a "30 Rock" nod once a certain gift is ripped open. Plus, keep an eye on the fireplace portrait and stockings hung by the chimney with care. (Watch all the way to the end for a list of the shows that are slyly referenced.)

"I just watched the entire thing, this is absolutely magnificent!" wrote jenniferlynnkarr on the YouTube preview page. "All the actors deserve Emmys! I want a DVD! I want deleted scenes, extended cuts, I want to meet the actors, I want different rooms with different puppies! This is my new favorite holiday show!"

Non-Hulu subscribers can watch the 15-second preview above, but anyone who pays for Hulu can see the whole half-hour show.  Forget the Yule Log, or football bowl games, turn this on a continuous loop and ho-ho-ho yourself to puppy paradise.