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Hulk's fist smashes through this Avengers cake you can assemble

Captain America's shield, Thor's hammer and other edible super sculptures adorn this cake, and it's not as hard to make as you might think.

There's a lot of fun happening at Ann Reardon's home.

I came across a great story yesterday about a couple of kids who figured out how to make some really cool balloon animals out of Tic Tacs (see below) and a "glue" made from white chocolate. Turns out they are the kids of Ann Reardon, who runs the "How To Cook That" YouTube channel and website.

While checking that site out, I came across Reardon's instructional video (above) on how to make a Marvel Avengers cake. Ten minutes later, I was surprised to find myself completely engrossed in the video as the Hulk's fist, Iron Man's mask, Captain America's shield and Thor's hammer appeared before my eyes (I'm not the type to normally get captivated by a baking video).

The great thing about Reardon's process is that she uses a mix of Rice Krispies (which she calls "rice bubbles" because she's from Australia) and marshmallows to form many of the super sculptures. That puts this project in reach of those for whom sculpting actual cake is as daunting as taking down a Norse god. (Thor's hammer is an exception to the Krispie rule; it largely consists of Kit Kats.)

To help with the cake building, Reardon sells templates you can print and use. The templates, which are available as a PDF, cost AU$4.99 (about $3.80, £2.60). Of course, you'll have to get ahold of (or make) a mighty amount of fondant, which might not be that easy, but once you have that, things look kind of cinchy. And if that's just too daunting, there are still the Tic Tac balloon animals.

This is by no means the first geeky cake Reardon has executed. Previously, she's laid out the plans on how the make a Minecraft cake, an iPad cake, an Instagram cake and a Twitter cake. She also made a video about how to make candy geodes, which totally gets my rock-hound heart a-fluttering.

I don't know about you, but I know whose kid I want to come back as in my next life.