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Huh? Kanye's birthday gift from Kim was... Woz?

The Apple co-founder and iconic rapper get together for a chat about their shared interest in technology.

When Woz met West...
Eric Mack/CNET

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is known for being near the front of the line when a new Apple product is released, but it turns out that Woz himself was on the birthday wish list of... wait for it... hip-hop icon Kanye West.

Woz revealed to CNN's Piers Morgan this week that Kanye's girlfriend, babymama and fellow pop culture titan Kim Kardashian asked him to come up for a visit with West about their common interest in technology as a birthday present to the controversial rapper.

This comes shortly after West declared -- and not for the first time -- his own vision of himself as a historical figure the likes of a Steve Jobs.

While Woz certainly isn't the first to come in direct contact with West's sizable ego, he does appear to be one of the few people around to meet Kim and Kanye's new baby in person, although he wouldn't reveal the young one's name to Morgan on the air. (It's now being reported that the chosen name is North or "Nori" for short. That's right: North West.)

Watch the clip with Woz below, and let us know in the comments if you'd pay more for coffee with Woz or Tim Cook, who recently raised over $600,000 for charity offering up a java date with himself.