Hugh Jackman has a video message for Wolverine fans

As "Logan" easily tops the weekend box office, the actor shows his gratitude in a sweet way.

Thank you. HJ

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Hugh Jackman's fans came out in droves to watch the actor play Wolverine one last time in "Logan," which topped the weekend box office, clawing together $85.3 million in North America.

On Sunday, Jackman gave them a little something back, releasing a sweet thank-you video on his Instagram account.

The video begins with the words, "Thank you to all the fans for 17 awesome years! --HJ."

The Australian actor has played the Marvel superhero since "X-Men" came out in 2000.

To the tune of Johnny Cash's poignant "Hurt," which was featured in the movie trailer, the video displays a well-chosen mix of fan art and posters of Wolverine, Professor X, young Laura and other characters.

At the end of the video, Jackman again thanks the fans for their years of support.

The effort seems to have been appreciated. Just one day after publication, the Instagram video had more than 956,000 views and more than 14,000 comments.

A typical fan response was this one, from s_ruvin: "You'll always be Wolverine for us ... no one can replace you!! Thank you for the years!!"

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