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Huge Lego 'Star Wars' Star Destroyer will warm your Darth heart

An ambitious Lego builder uses an unusual and advanced design method to creates an Imperial Star Destroyer that's more than six feet long.

Lego Star Destroyer
This is almost big enough to fit an Ewok inside.Jerac

Lego offers an official "Star Wars" Super Star Destroyer as a $400 kit. The massive model is over four feet long. But that wasn't enough for one Lego builder who goes by Jerac on Flickr.

He built his own Imperial Star Destroyer, rendering the warship in exacting detail and snapping together plastic bricks until it was over six feet long.

The hollow inner structure is made with Technic bricks. Some models this size use steel internal support structures, but Jerac chose to live on the edge for this particular build. The Jedi-blasting, monster-sized vessel weighs in at over 100 pounds. Jerac plans to add lighting as a finishing touch.

If you're an amateur Lego builder like me, all your Lego creations have that signature blocky look resulting from the use of the squared-off bricks as they were originally intended. Pros and high-level hobbyists, however, have other tricks up their Lego sleeves.

Notice the smooth exterior on the Star Destroyer. It's missing the usual jagged lumps and bumps. The explanation for the look comes from Brothers Brick. It's called "SNOT," which stands for "Studs Not On Top." This technique places bricks on their sides or upside-down to expose different surfaces than we usually see. The smooth look is accomplished by exposing the glassy-smooth sides of the plastic blocks. You can also imagine how this method ups the difficulty level on a Lego build.

The Imperial Star Destroyer is quite a feat of Lego engineering. Darth Vader would be proud.

Lego Star Destroyer engines
A close-up look at the engines.Jerac