Huawei does the Honors in CNET UK podcast 409

Huawei has a new name for Europe, while drones are proving to be both good and evil this Halloween.

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Richard Trenholm
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Watch this: Huawei does the Honors in CNET UK podcast 409

It's Halloween, but have no fear -- the podcast is emerging from the night to bring you the latest technology news. Kicking off with Huawei, which this week announced a new brand name for the Honor 6 smartphone.

Join Severed Hand-rew Garg-hoyle, Witch Tr-entombed and Spook WestawooOOOoo to find out how LG has risen from the grave to take a bite out of Samsung, and why quantum dots are the future of TV. If you feel your heart gripped by terror then fear not because a drone could be on its way to save the day -- but look out for rogue drones next time you're on a plane.

In other drone news, viral video specialists OK Go have come up with their most high-flying one-take music video yet. We look to the past with the return of classic Star Wars games TIE Fighter and X-Wing. Then we look to the future as Marvel adds to the flood of superhero movies with Black Panther, Captain Marvel and many more coming in the next four years.

Most terrifying of all, we find out why Taiwanese company WiMe thinks you need a phone for your phone.

Hit play on the video and enjoy!


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