HTC phone battery stops bullet, saves life

A valet at an Atlanta nightclub is inadvertently hit by a bullet allegedly fired by disgruntled patrons. His HTC cell phone battery absorbs the impact.

Chris Matyszczyk
2 min read

Earlier this week, an Illinois man managed to leave his cell phone in his back pocket, a choice that ended up, thanks to his rolling bottom, with his wife calling the police, who sent a SWAT team to the man's place of work.

John Garber, a valet from an Atlanta nightclub might now be dead if he'd kept his cell phone in the same place.

According to the Associated Press, Garber was working at Club Halo when two men were thrown out of the club. Police say that the men allegedly ventured over to a car, grabbed some weapons and began to shoot indiscriminately in the direction of the club.

One of the bullets went through Garber's coat and was about to do him severe damage. Suddenly, it was intercepted by his HTC phone (yes, it was a Droid Incredible), which he had put into the chest pocket of his jacket.

Garber's coat is now adorned with a bullet hole. The top left corner of his red cell phone battery now enjoys a dent that signifies it wouldn't let the bullet through.

No one was injured in this shooting and police happened to be near the club and managed to chase down the alleged shooters, from whose car they reportedly recovered two handguns.

Garber told the AP: "It's just one of those crazy things in life."

And did he reportedly make one of those post-traumatic statements about never buying another brand of phone again?

Why, yes. Strange that you should ask, he reportedly did.

I wonder whether the Illinois man who caused the butt-dial now keeps his cell phone permanently on guard over his chest every night before going home.