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HSN 'previewing' Nook Color's app store and Flash capabilities

The Home Shopping Network has begun selling the Nook Color on TV and online, with sales presenters talking up a major firmware update coming to the device in mid-April that includes Flash support.

As promised, the Home Shopping Network has begun previewing some of the new features that are part of an upcoming "mid-April" update to the Nook Color that we reported on a few days ago. Barnes & Noble has confirmed in a press release that the update would include the new app store but HSN is the one talking up the Nook Color's upcoming ability to watch Flash videos.

In this video captured by a YouTuber (who interrupted a gaming session to shoot the vid), the HSN presenters play a little fast and loose with the facts. For instance, they say there aren't other devices that currently support Flash, although the Samsung Galaxy Tab does, some Android smartphones like the Motorola Atrix do, and the Motorola's Xoom tablet is on the verge of officially getting Flash support (we've been running Flash 10.2 Beta for Xoom).

The presenters also say Gizmodo called the Nook Color the best Android tablet. It did--but in 2010.

Alas, HSN doesn't really show anything new in its preview except to highlight bullet points touting the new features, which also include an e-mail app.

(Source: YouTube via Mashable)