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HP's all-in-one Vista PC: Bold new design with touch screen

HP IQ770 Crossfire:all-in-one Vista PC

HP IQ770 Crossfire

HP is cooking up an all-in-one PC that--if the images on Engadget are any indication--looks to be a surefire hit with small, blonde children. It's hard to say where the images sprang from, because Engadget provides no source, and when pressed for comment, HP politely declined our advances. According to Engadget, it's called the IQ770 Crossfire, and it's set to launch along with Vista on January 30. It features a 19-inch touch-screen display and laptop components, including an AMD Turion X2 TL-52 processor and Nvidia GeForce Go 7600 graphics. Along with 2GB of memory and a 320GB hard drive, it boasts a long list of features including a built-in camera, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, HDTV and FM tuners, a slot-loading LightScribe DVD burner, a Pocket Media Drive bay, a media card reader, stereo speakers, a wireless keyboard and mouse, and a stylus for the touch screen.

Compared to everyone's favorite all-in-one, its base looks to be a bit bulkier than the iMac's. But for the larger footprint, it looks like this all-in-one also includes a printer in its definition of all. Look at the photo of the smiling blonde boy reaching for a 4x6 printout, which most likely he quickly and easily edited with Photosmart Touch, a new editing and printing app bundled with the system. The software bundle will supposedly include an app called SmartCalendar, too, which appears to provide a dashboard interface that works with the touch screen. Engadget quotes a price of $1,799 to $1,899.

We'll update you with more information and confirmation of the details that leaked today once HP is willing to share. Judging from the photos and the rather lengthy features list, however, we like what we see: a seemingly feature-packed all-in-one that hides its wide-range functionality behind a clean and polished design.