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HP wants you to reach out and touch its new all-in-one

HP's new touch-screen all-in-one PC.

Vista Home Premium brings a touch screen to HP's new all-in-one PC system.

Touch-screen capability is a standard feature in Windows Vista Home Premium, and HP has put it to great use in its new $1,799 TouchSmart PC IQ770, announced here today at CES 2007. We've actually been playing with it for a few days and have already written a full review of the TouchSmart PC IQ 770.

We'll let the review do most of the talking, but we'll say now that, aside from many of the features you'd expect in a midrange all-in-one PC system (DVD burner, Wi-Fi, wireless mouse and keyboard), HP also includes an application suite called SmartCenter. The apps include an organizer/calendar and photo-editing software that are all touch screen-driven and ridiculously easy to use. We can see families jumping all over this thing.