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HP walks on the bile side at the Grammys

HP heavily promotes its new TouchPad at the Grammys. Unfortunately, its TV ad is besmirched by a quite staggering rewrite of Lou Reed's great "Walk on the Wild Side."

It seems but a year ago that famed right-wing singer Stephen Colbert launched the iPad at the Grammys. Principally because it was.

So at tonight's Grammys, it was HP's turn to touch the nation's hearts, with its TouchPad.

And some may decide that HP's musical contribution was created by someone very touched indeed.

For someone enjoying a spark of dubious luminosity appears to have thought it a fine idea to take Lou Reed's great anthem to grime and excitement, "Walk on the Wild Side," and rewrite the words.

Yes, Grammy TV audiences were treated to such lines as "Everybody touch, everybody tap, everybody move, everybody app."

Yes, and this came just slightly before--all together now: "Everybody digg, everybody host, everybody skype, everybody post."

It was as if Kanye West had swallowed a large bottle of whiskey, taken Taylor Swift's "Teardrops on my Guitar," and changed the words to "Beer Stains on my New Bra."

I'm sure the HP TouchPad is a fine machine that will make everybody sigh, everybody buy.

But really, at the party where this idea was generated, wouldn't Valium have helped that bash?