HP redesigns Compaq business laptops

HP announced nine new Compaq business laptops at an event in Berlin on Tuesday.

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HP Compaq business notebooks
HP's business notebook line is quite the pyramid scheme. HP

Businesses weren't left out of HP's massive product launch on Tuesday. A full-line refresh of HP Compaq business notebooks now gives corporate buyers not only a choice of Intel or AMD processors, but also a choice of case finish and security features.

The HP Compaq "b" series includes a silver finish and magnesium alloy support structure, as well as a new coating on the case that HP claims is more scratch-resistant than previous laptops. In this series, the Intel-based 6530b and AMD-based 6535b feature 14.1-inch screens and a 5.3-pound starting weight; the Intel-based 6730b and AMD-based 6735b feature 15.4-inch screens and a 5.9-pound starting weight.

The "s" series is distinguished by its "satin, reflective, black-on-black finish" and such features as hard drive encryption, a hard drive accelerometer, and File Sanitizer software to permanently delete files. In this series, the entry-level HP Compaq 6530s (Intel) and 6535s (AMD) feature 14.1-inch displays with an option of either an antiglare or glossy screen finish. The Intel-based 6730s and AMD-based 6735s incorporate 15.4-inch screens. And the largest of the HP new laptops, the 17-inch HP Compaq 6830s, is built around a Penryn-class Intel Core 2 Duo processor and includes a 128MB or 256MB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3410 GPU.

Across the entire HP Compaq line, components can run the gamut from ultrabudget to high-end. You can find data sheets on configuration options at HP's event site.

Pricing for the new HP Compaq business notebook lines starts at $799, with all the laptops expected to be available starting in late July.