HP joins digital media refrain

Hewlett-Packard is developing new products that let consumers view photos and play music through their television sets and stereo systems.

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Margaret Kane

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Hewlett-Packard is developing new products that let consumers view digital photos and play digital music through their televisions and stereos.

The HP Digital Media Receiver 5000 series products, due in the spring, make use of networks running either Ethernet or 802.11b (Wi-Fi) wireless technology to connect songs and pictures stored on PCs to other consumer electronics equipment.

HP made the announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where wireless networks and digital media are among the hottest trends.

An Ethernet version of HP's Digital Media Receiver is expected to cost around $199, while a version with both Ethernet and the wireless hookup is expected to cost around $299.

Multiple devices can be connected to a home network so that consumers can access the same files on more than one TV or stereo. The receiver also allows people to send a picture to any PC-connected printer and to combine music and photos on the TV and stereo at the same time.