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HP giving away (some) TouchPads

Tablet is the first discontinued item to become a hot Hollywood prize in recent memory.

Win one of the last remaining TouchPads, with or without added Australian scrawl.
Screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET

HP's TouchPad tablet became a blazing success at the end of the summer when the company announced it was giving up on its WebOS devices. Inventory quickly sold out when the price was slashed to $99 for the soon-to-be-estranged tab. Now, the TouchPad is one of the first discontinued items in recent memory to be offered up as a hot Hollywood prize giveaway.

You may recall rumblings of one last TouchPad production run after the success of the fire sale, but it appears most of that batch was swallowed up in a special offer for HP employees.

So one of the absolute, honest to god, totally, like, for reals this time, last chances to snag a TouchPad may be a promotional contest for the latest Hugh Jackman flick, "Real Steel." HP touch screens are also some of the stars of the film, which is set in 2020, a time when TouchPads are more likely to be a distant memory.

The deal is this: HP will be giving away 20 TouchPads, 5 of which have been signed by Jackman, to some randomly selected folks that "like" the Real Steel app on the HP Facebook page, which you can find by logging in to the social network and going here.

While the TouchPad may be no more, HP is also using the Hollywood deal to promote some of its touch-screen PCs, which you can see in action in this promotional video, along with the related Real Steel PC game.