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HP eyes LED tech in latest monitor

HP's new LED-based monitor is skinny and now, announced.

This time it's thinner. HP

Monitor announcements. You love them. I love them. But how to express that love? Well, since blogging monitor announcements fills me with warm fuzzies, I prefer to express it that way. I recommend you do it by commenting on said blog. You can either comment now or read the post in its entirely, before commenting. Either method is accepted as commonplace around here.

This week, HP announced a new LED-based monitor; the 2310e. The monitor looks like a slight redesign from its "09m" line from last year, with what is ostensibly a thinner profile.

According to HP, the 2310e has a profile less than an inch thick. HP

Other features include: (my obligatory snarky comments in parentheses)

  • 8,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio (not happening, but thanks for playing)
  • Full HD 1920 X 1080 resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio (like most 23-inchers released these days)
  • 250 nits of Brightness (a bit low in my opinion)
  • 5 ms on/off response time (would have expected 2ms)
  • 70 percent Color Gamut (not surprising, given the other specs)
  • DisplayPort (now this is nice and a bit unexpected)
  • DVI-D and HDMI connectors (I love options)
  • ATI Eyefinity Capable (thanks to the native DisplayPort support)

The HP 2310e will be available for $289.99 at HP's Home & Home Office site on September 29.