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How Virgin America lets you text a hottie midflight

A new service from Virgin America empowers you to use the in-flight entertainment system to send a drink to someone you find attractive and to text them, even. A recipe for disaster, surely.

Oh, how the cabin crew will look forward to your pinpointing.
Virgin America/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

It is possible to meet the lover of your dreams on a plane.

Usually, this involves being fortunate enough to have them sit next to you. Idle chatter is exchanged and, before you know it, you're living together.

A serious amount of serendipity is needed for a happy ending in the air. So Virgin America has decided it should broaden your chances.

As ClickOrlando teases it, your in-flight entertainment system will now offer the potential of some off-flight entertainment too.

For, should you see a man, woman or stuffed toy that sparks your amorous aspirations, you will be able to send the object of your interest a drink. Or even a highly dubious airline meal.

Perhaps even more exciting for those who live their lives with their heads bowed and the fingers arched over a keyboard, you will also be able to text the person in 4B. Or 38D.

Virgin has launched this so-called Seat-To-Seat Delivery service with a video featuring Sir Richard Branson, which has to be seen to be truly absorbed.

He promises that "your chance of de-planing with a plus-one are at least 50 percent."

I would imagine that your chances of de-planing with a black eye are at least 50 percent too.

It is surely a recipe for vast amounts of pain caused by unrequited texting. What if you don't realize that your new love object is traveling with his or her lover, who happens to be in 4A?

What if that lover decides to text you: "The minute we get off this plane, I am going to drag you into a restroom and show you the blue goldfish"?

I am also trying to imagine how I would feel if I received an in-flight text from someone in my proximity to whom I felt no attraction.

What if I didn't reply? Would he or she stare at me menacingly through the whole flight? Would he or she ask the cabin crew to send me a vodka laced with salt and spittle?

As with so many great technological creations, I wonder whether the full ramifications of this idea have been thought through to their legal conclusions.

On the other hand, I am deeply tempted to book myself on one of these Virgin America planes, just to see whether someone might have a little success tweeting their way to lasting, mile-high love.