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How to use the Twitter swipe shortcut on Android and iOS

Sweep your finger horizontally across a tweet to get shortcuts for common functions right from your timeline.


The new update to the Twitter app for Android and iOS returns the swipe shortcut feature that lets you to swipe a tweet to get shortcuts for reply, retweet, star, profile, and sharing. The shortcuts let you perform those actions without having to leave your timeline.

If you're not familiar with the swipe shortcut, here's a quick tip on how to use it.

From your timeline, simply swipe your finger horizontally across a tweet. This will make the shortcut bar appear, letting you reply, retweet, star, view profile, or share.

Twitter app swipe shortcut
Swipe a tweet horizontally to make the shortcut bar appear. Screenshot by Ed Rhee

Once you've performed an action, the shortcut bar will disappear. If you change your mind after swiping the tweet, just scroll in either direction to make the shortcut bar go away.

Twitter app for Kindle Fire
Twitter app for Kindle Fire. Screenshot by Ed Rhee

That's it. The Twitter app has also been added to the Amazon Appstore, finally making the official app available to Kindle Fire users. And for those of you who uninstalled the app because it was uploading contact lists without your knowledge, you'll be happy to know that it now prompts you before importing your contacts.