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How to use the Chromebook photo editor

The latest stable release of Chrome OS added a basic photo editor for Chromebook users.


The Chromebook photo editor is not a Chrome app, as you might think. It's integrated into the file manager. To use it, launch the file manager by hitting Ctrl+M, then navigate to where your photo is located.

Select photo from file manager
Screenshot by Ed Rhee

Once you click on the photo you want to edit, two options will appear in the lower right-hand corner--View and Edit and Delete. Click on View and Edit to launch the photo editor.

View and edit photo
Screenshot by Ed Rhee

You can allow Chrome OS to autofix the image or crop it.

Chrome OS photo editor - crop
Auto-fix or crop the image. Screenshot by Ed Rhee

You can also change the brightness and contrast, or change the orientation of the image.

Chrome OS photo editor - brightness
Change brightness, contrast, and orientation. Screenshot by Ed Rhee

That's all there is to the Chrome OS photo editor. It's about as basic as they come, but if all you need to do is make a few basic edits, it's definitely worth having, especially if you don't have an Internet connection. If you do have an Internet connection, you may also want to consider using other, more powerful Web-based photo editors.