How to use IE9's pinned sites

The new site-specific browser feature in Internet Explorer 9 furthers the connection between Windows 7 and IE. Check out how to use IE9's pinned sites in this video.

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Internet Explorer 9 has a lot of cool new features. "Pinned sites" lets you create site-specific browsers on your Windows 7 desktop. Pinned sites by default recolor IE9's Aero glass-style interface based on the color schemes in the site's favicon, which is a neat little trick, and use the site's favicon as the Windows 7 taskbar icon.

If coded properly by the site's developers, a site can customize the jump list links, integrate player controls for streaming media sites such as Pandora, or have a counter display the number of unread e-mails in your Web mail account. Any site developer can implement the feature by using Microsoft's pinned site API. Check out this How To video to see how it's done.