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How to use Google Drive with keyboard shortcuts

Now that you've got a Google Drive account, you'll want to navigate it as efficiently as possible with keyboard shortcuts.

Google Drive
Screenshot by Ed Rhee/CNET

Google is one of the biggest proponents of using keyboard shortcuts with Web services. Gmail keyboard shortcuts are very popular, and you can even control Google Music with keyboard shortcuts too. It's no surprise then, that Google Drive also supports keyboard shortcuts.

As you learn how to get started with Google Drive, try some of these keyboard shortcuts to help you navigate Google Drive a little faster:

j : navigate to and highlight next item
k : navigate to and highlight previous item
x : toggle selection of highlighted item
Shift + a : select all
Shift + n : select none

g then n : go to navigation panel
g then l : go to document list
g then c : go to collections
g then d : go to details pane

o or Enter : open item
s : toggle star
. : share
z : organize

Create new
Shift + t : create a new text document
Shift + s : create a new spreadsheet
Shift + p : create a new presentation
Shift + d : create a new drawing
Shift + c : create a new collection

c : display create new menu
u : display upload menu
a : display actions menu
r : display sort menu
v : display view menu

/ : go to search box
d : toggle details pane
? : display keyboard shortcuts

That's it. If you spend a lot of time in your Google Drive account, these keyboard shortcuts should help you navigate it a lot faster. For a full list of Google Drive keyboard shortcuts, press "?", to launch the shortcut display.